Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting Started

Hi, Y'all!

I'm starting this blog to document and share with friends and family just what exactly is going on with Jerome and I. (More Jerome right now.)

Jerome will have access to post here if he so chooses...but he's been having trouble with his internet connection, so I wouldn't expect him to post here very often.

I know I'm hard to get a hold of on the phone...especially recently. Please forgive me, July is always busy with lots of birthdays (2 of which I planned parties for), and this year I've been getting ready for my trip to Oregon with my friend. (I leave on Thursday!) My phone has been ringing non-stop (even while I'm at work!) and the only time I seem to get to myself is after work, in the middle of the night.

Speaking of birthdays, happy late birthday Mary! Sorry I missed it.

So, seeing as I keep strange hours and have not been finding enough time in the day, I figured this would be a great way of making sure everyone got the news. Plus, this link can be forwarded to other friends and relatives that are curious about what's going on.

Don't get me wrong here, folks, I still want to keep up individual relationships with everyone, but seeing as I'm obviously terrible at it, this is a good way to make sure everyone gets the news on our solider.

Latest Jerome News:
Last Sunday, July 20, Jerome managed to trip and mess up his hand. He called me from the ER in the middle of the night. as I understand, he lost a chunk of skin from his hand, but no stiches were required. He was given pain medication, bandages, and a no weapons profile 'cause it hurt to hold his rifle.

He just can't stay out of that ER, can he?

Jerome went to the ER on Wednesday because he felt sudden pressure behind his eyes. He left with the promise of an appointment on Thursday.
On Thursday they looked him over and gave him an appointment for the Optometrist on Friday.
On Friday they dilated his eyes and did all sorts of tests, he says they took pictures of the insides of his eyes. They told him his eye pressure is slightly above normal and they'll continue to monitor it once a year.

He will be done with training next week!

Also, he signed the hometown recruiting papers, which means he will be coming home for a few weeks after he gets orders.

Jerome still has no orders, however. No orders mean no coming home. He'll be stuck in an inactive platoon doing things like 'picture hanging detail'. I will let everyone know the minute I hear we have orders. I would like to know where we're going just as much as all of you!

That's all the news for now. I will try to update when I hear anything big, or at least once a week just to let everyone know we're still here. Jerome calls me almost every day, so I'm sure they'll be something interesting before too long.

Hopefully we'll see him home soon!

Nini, Rome

Later, all!

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