Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Running Around in Circles

I have tried several times to make a post with pictures of our house.
...well, the house we're currently living in. More on that in a minute...let's go over how we got here first.

What happened to the apartment you ask?
Well, both the Army housing website and the nice lady we talked to about the apartment told us it was two miles away from the fort. When it came time to go sign papers, Jerome looked up the address on Google Maps only to find that it was 40 miles away. 40 miles is waaaay too far, especially if you don't have a car.

We learned a lesson. The house hunt started again.

The first house we clicked on sounded perfect. Wary, we looked it up on Google. Yep, it was really only five miles away from base. Jerome made the phone call and set up an appointment for the next day at 10am.

The neighborhood is okay, the house is cute, the landlady is nice. The house came furnished. Three small bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cozy living/dining area, and a great kitchen. All hardwood floors. The only thing we didn't like: no pets.

We signed a temporary agreement and moved in that night. We started making plans. The Christmas tree will go here, we can put some pretty pictures here...etc.

Lucky for us, our things are still stuck in California. If we'd gotten them up here right away, we would be having to move again.

It turns out that Jerome's higher ups had decided that our lack of a vehicle was a huge problem and went behind our backs and went up the chain of command to get our name bumped up to the top of the housing list.

We hadn't been in our house two weeks when we found out. Luckily, we hadn't signed a lease yet.

We will be moving into our unit on post on October 21. I will email the new address to all at that point in time.

There are loads of great reasons to have base housing. The one that I care about most: we can get a dog!

At this point, we have a loose plan for Jerome to go home and get our things the following weekend. If you're involved in this and have not been contacted yet, be patient, you will be. It would help if we knew exactly what was going on ourselves.

I will try to get some pictures up again later this week, but my camera and computer and Blogger all seem to be not getting along.

On a completely different note: I have never had to cook breakfast every day before! I'm looking for different things to do besides your normal pancakes, French toast, bacon and eggs, etc. I'm scouring the internet on my own, but if anyone has any fun breakfast ideas, I'd love to see them. Drop me an email:

Jerome will be home soon. I'd better get going. Later, y'all.


  1. Yay! Thanks for the post.. I love the way you write! You're good.. keep it up!

    Breakfast does not always have to only include "breakfast foods."

    Ummm.. remember gas-light eggs??

    You can do lots of things with omelets. For instance, I had an omelet with mozzarella, pesto, and sautéed mushrooms the other day. Oh so good! (I actually made it myself, too!)

    You left out oatmeal, and cereals?

    Hope you're staying warm.

  2. I was actually not happy with the writing in this post, but I guess it can't have been that bad. Thanks.

    Gas-Light eggs are in my repertoire. I am good at making the eggs different every time...I was thinking something on a slightly different level like breakfast in a cup ( without the grits.

    Pesto wasn't something I ever thought about putting in a omelette, though...