Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here's The Before...

With the help of one of Jerome's battle buddies, we made it into base housing with (almost) all of our stuff that we had originally brought with us/acquired while we were here.

I was surprised to see that our name is on the front of the unit:

PV2 is his rank, for those of you who don't speak Army.

Even though we were early for our appointment, the nice lady let us in and showed us around. We signed the papers and she handed off the keys and left.

We pulled in the first truckload of stuff with the help of one of Jerome's buddy's wives, Dawn. It's hard to believe we managed to collect all this stuff in just a month. She drove us back to the house so we could finish final paperwork and clean up a bit.

Later, Specialist Hole (Dawn's husband) helped us move the last of the stuff and let us borrow an air mattress and some sheets. We had two truckloads of stuff, but it barely took up a corner of the living room. A lot of it was quickly unpacked into the kitchen.

The next morning, Jerome left for California to get the rest of our stuff...finally.

This leaves me alone. So, because my mom asked, and because I have nothing better to do, here's a picture tour of a mostly empty house:

The front door...

The kitchen...

That's not my sweater...nope nope.

The stairs:

These will be fun to vacuum,

The living room...

Nicely lit by the windows, but empty.

The laundry room...

Complete with brand new Whirlpool washer and dryer delivered this morning.

The back yard...

We need a rake!

Insert patio furniture here.

And look! A shed for Jerome's bikes to live in!

The office...

Don't look at my mess, this is where I've been spending most of my time...

Aaaand the bedroom...

Yay, more mess!

Not much to see right now...but let's see how it goes after all of our stuff gets here.

Besides, the puppy will make for much cuter pictures...even if the background is just a bunch of boxes.

...yeah, I said puppy. Full details on that one next time...


  1. There's no bathroom in your house o.o

    Just kidding. I just happened to notice that room was missing.

  2. There are two! The creepy half bath downstairs and the big one upstairs...I just thought it would be weird to show pics...

  3. Very cool! I'm impressed! (And I figured there was a bathroom or two.)

    You go girl! Decorate, decorate, decorate!

    Now, let's see the Peach!