Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just Peachy

So, when I started to plan this post Wenedsday, it was going to be all about our new puppy, Peach.

Buuut, we all know how much Jerome loves going to the emergency room. So, I figure that should probably come first...

Thursday was Jerome's first day back from his ten days of 'moving' leave. He flew home to San Pedro, packed up the horrible mess we left in his mother's living room (that I still feel guilty about) flew a buddy down, and drove it all back up here in a Uhaul... (More on this later.)

Well, when he got back, the Army decided he was going to have some shots: Smallpox, Typhoid, Flu, and Anthrax.

After getting all of the vaccines but the Smallpox, he looked really pale, so the nurse told him to go sit on a gurney until he felt a little better, then come back and get the last shot. He did and came back in shortly for his final inoculation.

After that, Jerome decided he had to go to the bathroom. He walked in...and somewhere in there, he passed out. I've been told it was a few minutes before someone else walked in and found him with a little pool of blood under his head. They managed to rouse him at this point, and someone called 911. He called me from the ambulance.

He got three staples in his head!

After he came home, he was acting strange. Repeating things and having memory lapses.

The next day he went back to the ER. There, they asked him some questions, like "What day is it?" "What year is it?" and "Who's running for President?"...after he couldn't tell them who was running besides Obama, they took a CAT scan. Then they decided he has a concussion and sent him home.

He's not supposed to be doing anything. No unpacking, no playing rough with the puppy, no work. That's not how Jerome works, though...if he feels good, he wants to do things. It's hard to make sure he doesn't hurt himself., about that puppy.

Oh...she is sleeping. Maybe is best to not post about her right now. I will say her name is Peach and we are happy puppy parents...

But I really think she deserves her own entry. It will come really soon, I promise!


  1. The puppy is cute....the staples, not so much... ;)

    What is it with doctors these days? Don't that have to take a course in needlepoint anymore??

    When I've ever had a hole needing fixing (and touch wood that hasn't been for many years) Ive always had some lovely overlocking or cross-stitch with even better fade-away stitches :)

  2. *knocks on wood for you* This is his first time with staples as well. We were really hoping for the disappearing ones...but nooo. Now he has to go back on Thursday to have them removed. ='D(

  3. I guess the staples are easier to put in an take out for most doctors. And the procedure probably takes less time than conventional stitching which I'm sure makes most patients happy. Though I guess you do sacrifice some convenience now for convenience later when you have to show up again to get them taken out. *shrug*

    In any case I'm glad he's ok now and I'll look forward to reading more about the puppy soon :)

  4. Your puppy is a cuteness attack!