Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Around

Not much interesting stuff has been going on here. This is just a little post to let everyone know we're not dead.

...I was going to post pictures, but Jerome stole the camera. He's on 24 hour Staff Duty today and won't be back until 9 am tomorrow. So maybe pictures later this week.

Peach will be very upset over Jerome being gone for a whole day...once she figures it out. Last time he was late coming home, she threw a fit and ran up and down the stairs and whined at the front door until he came back. I hope she will calm down and go to bed eventually.

Today, I will be cleaning, going to the Commissary, walking Peach, and unpacking. (Still.) Then maybe I will make cookies for when Jerome comes back from staff duty. Chocolate chip or snickerdoodle?

Hope y'all have a nice day! ^.^

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