Thursday, November 6, 2008

Princess Peach Pie

Hey, Peach!

What? Do you have a bite for me?

No, it's time to tell the internet your story. Are you ready?

You're going to write about me on the internet?!

Yes. They've been asking about you. You have loads of fans already.

Oh, okay...I guess.

Okay, now that she's not sleeping or anything...

Everyone knew we wanted to get a dog. Eventually.

When we found the apartment that we didn't move into 'cause they lied, I was happy they accepted dogs...but they lied to us, and we never set foot there.

When we moved into the house in Lakewood, I was very disappointed we would not be allowed to have an indoor dog. We were encouraged to walk Kaiser and Zowie, the dogs that the guy in the back apartment owned, but it wasn't the same. Especially since he liked "dogs that know they're dogs, not dogs who think they're people."

When we were told we were being moved into on post housing whether we wanted to or not, one of the main reasons I didn't throw more of a fit was that we're allowed up to four pets.

Originally, Jerome wanted to get a puppy the day we moved in. I put my foot down and told him we have to be responsible pet parents and find a car first, so we can take the animal to the vet. And on top of that, finding a puppy usually takes more than a day...and at that point, I was looking to adopt a slightly older dog from a shelter. It would likely be already housebroken and would be happy to find a new home.

When he left the next morning for California to finally get all of our things, I did not have the slightest idea that he would come back with a puppy.

Then, the next day, I got the phone call. "Do you want a puppy?" He asked in a playful tone.

It turns out Jerome's sister Katie had adopted a little black Lab mix puppy, but decided it wasn't such a good idea to have the puppy around her young children. She was looking to give her away. She was 11 weeks old. Already spayed and microchipped and had already had two rounds of shots. Her name was Apple.

We agreed to take her...though we decided right away to re-name her.

Several days and a looooong truck ride later, Jerome handed me her pink leash outside our apartment...and left again. He had other things to do before he could come back and unload our things.

When he did come home, we decided to call her Peach. After Princess Peach of Mario Bros. fame.

Now, it's been less than two weeks, and in that time, she's grown a bunch and pretty much become a permanent part of the house. It seems like she's always been with us.

I'm pretty sure that long truck ride up here did it, but she seems to be quite attached to Jerome.

They play together all the time. she knows when he's coming home and will wait by the door. She'll sit in his chair and whine if he's gone. It's all very cute.

She likes running around like a crazy dog outside. She likes to eat those leaves. (We still need a rake.) She likes drinking water out of the rain gutter, despite her water bowl being right next to it. She doesn't have a problem going up and down the stairs, but she gets lazy and will bark if a toy falls down the stairs on accident.

She does NOT like the vacuum.

And right now, she's tired:

...which means it's probably a good time for me to run off to the Commissary. I will prolly update again with more puppy pictures and more about Jerome's head soon.

Oh! And I'm putting together an address book, just so we have everyone's information, should we need it. If you think we should have your info, go ahead and email it to ...Thanks!


  1. *hugs the Peach* Timmy and I say welcome to the internet! ^.^

  2. She's so cute, but she has a definite glint on mischief in 'er eyes.. must be the Irish in her. Too cute. I'm glad you're all happy!