Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peach Takes A Turn

Hi, people! It's me, Peach...I learned to work the computer while Daddy and Mommy have been really busy getting ready for Daddy to go. They keep telling me he will be gone for a long time. I wonder how long that will be? More than overnight? That's the longest he's been gone from me and Mommy so far. I don't like it when he's gone too long. I know when he's supposed to come home from work and if he's not home then, I go and wait at the door...and if he doesn't come home soon, I get so upset I have to cry and run up and down the stairs a lot until he gets back.

We got new couches about a week ago. Well, new to us, Mommy says. I like the couches, They're soft and fun to lay on.

They kept talking about the blog and someone should update the bog, so I had to figure out what it was first...but I did and now I'm HERE!! I don't know how to post pictures yet, but maybe I'll figure it out before the next time I post.

Anyway, Mommy and Daddy left me here alone while they go to Tacoma to take care of things and have dinner together before Daddy has to leave. I have lots of things to do while they're chewing the bathroom mat! I've got to go get on that. The computer is boring, anyway. Later, People!


  1. Awwwww... Peach, don't make me cry!

  2. But blogging will be good for you! What an articulate dog you are... keep up the good work!

  3. Peach glad to here you are doing okay. Woofers Hi!

  4. Sorry, Woofers can't type very well. Woofers meant to say HI!from Woofers. I sure miss playing with you. I had to visit Piper today to have some fun. The cats don't always want to play with me.