Saturday, December 27, 2008

Frozen Peach

So, we all know Jerome went to Iraq, but did you know Peach wanted to go to?

Lucky for me, we convinced her to stay. Not so lucky for her, though. We got snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow. So, Peach, who shivers even when there's no snow, got a sweater.

It's a little boy's sweater. 'Cause who wants to pay $20 for a dog sweater that she might grow out of when you can get a boy sweater for $6 at the PX? I'll bet the boy sweater is more durable, anyway. (Yes I am wearing shorts in that picture. It wasn't snowing inside.)

It's a little baggy on her, but it works pretty good. At first she didn't like it very much, but once she got in the snow...
She really didn't seem to mind so much. These pics were taken before the snow got really bad, by the case you were wondering why you could still see some ground.

The snow is melting now, and I'm kind of sad I never took pictures of it. I wanted to, then I misplaced my camera for a few days...oops. Maybe next year.

Peach and I are doing okay. We're both a little restless with cabin fever (even though I did venture out a few times.) Like I said, though, the snow is melting and we might be able to go for a walk as soon as tomorrow if enough ice is off the sidewalks.

I've been trying to keep busy, of my other blogs, Snail Mail Addict has been getting a lot of attention recently. It even won a random award! I've also bought a domain name and am working on getting a web comic going. I figure that I will try to make my own job right now in a time when no one's hiring. (I'm still going to try to get a real job anyway...being inside all the time sucks.)

Jerome is in fairly good contact with me for now. He is doing well. They're doing some training and things, but he's actually kind of bored. I think he's been watching a lot of old movies and TV stuff on his computer when they're not busy. He's living in a tent with 20 guys and he says that sucks. He says the food is good. He always mentions the food. He also says he misses everyone.

That's all for now. I will try to take some pretty pictures to post up here soon.

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